What You MUST Know BEFORE Doing Print On Demand Part 1

Print On Demand maybe the best way to get started selling physical merchandise to your fans. However, the devil is in the details and there is a lot of things that you should know before launching a Print On Demand store. Today we help you sort that out, in part one of our discussion on Print On Demand.

Topics Dicussed:
POD …a way to keep upfront costs down
don’t end up with a basement full of merch that you can’t sell etc…

Shop around… new providers coming on line all the time.
always order one for yourself first.

thinking of merch as part of a bigger package

trademark and copyright

some phrases are tradmarked… check before you use

some fonts are copyrighted

create and idea bank

pay attention to the mechanics of what will look good on your merchandise

300 DPI resolution

Use a transparent background “transparency map”

color theory

black is best? Maybe? Offer a few other colors…make sure that they are the best for the design and the product

Customer Service:
return policy
speed of shipping etc…
using platforms like Amazon and Etsy… proceed with caution. know the rules