Using Amazon vs having your own Funnel

Is it best to use Amazon and stores like that or to bring people into your world with a “funnel”?

Topic discussed:
Store vs. Funnel
Controling the discussion with a landing page… then to store or offer
Offer should always solve a problem
Use website for “authority” and credibility
traffic PLUS conversions equals money

it’s not ALL about conversions
do you know yourself? What is going to work for you?

Do you have content published? Where? What are the links? Make a list

What products do you have? where are they? keep and organized list as you go

Time… everything that you create in your business will take away from your music

Money with move things along quicker

If you don’t know marketing… learn… out source as needed

Personality traits… what works for you and the way that you like to work

Listing Service/Listing Network… i.e. Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc… to get traffic
they will control it
your on there with your competition
they take a cut…hurts your profits
good way to get started with selling on line..
build momentum
prove financial value

Funnel…fan capture page, landing page etc…
own your on audience
collect information

if people want to know more
get people talking about you
can be simple
can be a blog…