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Lou Lombardi

Since it’s inception, one of the highlights of Saturday Night Live has always been the musical guest. From Ashford and Simpson to Ashley Simpson, over the decades many artists from various genres have played the stage at 30 Rockafeller Plaza.

On This week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast we take a look back at the BEST 25 SNL Musical performances

Topics Discussed:

Pete Way RIP

Julian Bream RIP


Living Color

Aerosmith… guested on Waynes World

Spinal Tap… asked to join cast

Korn… introduced by desparate house wife

RATM …Banned

Skid Row …Sabastian acted in a paradoy of a GnR kids album

System of a Down…. played BYOB … all naughty words were muted accept for “fuck yeah” at the end

Faith No More… Mike Patton climed rafters for “epic”

Metallica… w/Marianne Faithful… introduced by Nathan Lane played fuel and memory remains

Soundgarden… sounded good. a few days before “Down on the upside” release

Rollins Band… Pam Anderson introduced them… Tommy Lee was guest too.

Queens of the Stoneage… w/ Will Farrell on cowbell

Them Crooked Vultures…. many times Grohl has been on. Got into a sketch that night too

Linkin Park… twice… 07 and 11

Tom PEtty with Dave Grohl






Blues Brothers