The Top 10 Most Shocking Revelations in Rock & Metal

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This will be a week of shock and awe for our podcast listeners as we countdown the most shocking revelations in rock & metal Featured Loudini Artists: L.Y.A.N.E. 3 Minutes to Live Lady Beast Lou Lombardi

Topics Include:

Rob Halford Comes out on MTV
Kurt Cobain plate goes for 20k
Ozzy did not snort ants
David Lee Roth out does Ozzy on coke
Steven Tyler adopts a groupie
Alice Cooper is a born again christian
Jerry Lee Lewis marrys his 13 year old cousin
Prince caused rock albums to be rated with warning labels with the song Darling Nikki
The PMRC’s “filthy fifteen”
Guns ‘n Roses were nearly killed before they even got started
Bon Jovi wanted to call the band “Johnny Electric”