The Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2020

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As we are so fond of saying on the podcast, “If you think rock is dead, then you’re just not paying attention!” Keeping true to our word, we expose the top ten bands that you will DEFINITELY want to keep your eye on in 2020..just in case you HAVEN’T been paying attention! 😉 Featured Loudini Artists: Your Screaming Silence Roxanne Raven Black Lauren Strange

Lou Lombardi

Topics Covered:

 Bishop Gunn
 Church of The Cosmic Sky
 Dinosaur Pile-up
Amyl & the Sniffers
 Those Damn Crows
 Crown Lands
 Dirty Shirley
 Joyous Wolf
 Quaker City Nighthawks
 Glorious Sons
 The Underground Theives