The Slovaks: Reinventing Punk Rock for the Next Generation

the slovaksJeffery Drag Records is going international; They’re stepping across the pond and bringing back a like-minded band with them: The Slovaks.  The Manchester band may have emerged in 2013, but their roots run deep. It all began in 2006, when frontman Adam Saylaby met Luke Barton while at university. They became friends when Saylaby spotted Barton’s Mars Volta shirt. With this, they bonded in the way that most music fans bond: over heavy drinks and heavier records. Soon after, they began living together, juggling day jobs and writing tunes for side bands that were never fully realized. Luke Allen entered the picture in 2008 after he made a cheeky comment to Saylaby in the toilets of some club. Saylaby retorted, and impressed with his comeback, Allen soon joined the gang.  Show Notes

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