The Most Outrageous Rock Star Cameos and Appearances in Movies

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  It seems that rockers and movies are like chocolate and peanut butter.  Whether they are appearing as themselves or showing up in some bit part it’s always a lot of fun for rock fans to be surprised by the appearance of one of their favorite musicians. On this week’s show we count down 10 or so outrageous rock star appearances in movies that delighted fans.  Featured Loudini Artists:   Reign of Z   The Redlines   Flying Joes  

Lou Lombardi


Topics Discussed:

Ace Ventura: Cannibal Corpse

Private Parts: Ozzy

Trick or Treat: Ozzy

Air Heads: Lemmy

Two & Half Men: Eddie Van Halen

Singles: Cornell, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains

Big Lebowski: Flea

Hook: Phil Collins, David Crosby, Jimmy Buffet

Get Him to the Greek: Lars Ulric

Life of Brian: George Harrison

HIgh Fidelity: Bruce Springsteen

The Wedding Singer: Billy  Idol

Back to the Future: Huey Lewis

Pick of Destiny: Dave Grohl

Trading Places: Bo Diddley

Crossroads: Steve Vai

Walk Hard: Jack White

Rockstar: Mile Kennedy

Dracula: Tom Waits