Remembering “The Filthy 15”

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The Parents Music Resource Center was an American committee formed in 1985 with the stated goal of increasing parental control over the access of children to music deemed to have violent, drug-related or sexual themes via labeling albums with Parental Advisory stickers.

On This week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast, in the tradition of “7 words you can’t say on TV” we will discuss the “filthy fifteen” songs that triggered the PMRC into existence.  Featured Loudini Artists:   Yard of Blondes   Mrs. Beckett   Suaka   Lou Lombardi

Topics Discussed:

Timely topic

Filthy 15

Darling Nikki

Sugar Walls

Eat Me Alive

Strap on Robbie Baby

Bastard , Shout at The Devil

Let me put my love into you

We’re not gonna take it

Dress you up in my love

Animal (F*** like a beast)

High and Dry

Into the coven


In my house


She Bop