Pretty In Between starts with a chance meeting leading to a beautiful friendship

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Drawing from Austin Wasielewski’s (guitars, vocals) familiarity of psychedelic/acid rock, rap, R&B, folk/Americana, the sound is brought together by Tred Litely (drums, vocals) pop-punk, funk, indie-rock, math rock and fusion pulls, while Ryan D. Lee (bass) is a master of all things 80s, 90s and present. Together their lyrics seek to address the turmoil we experience every day by virtue of living in a modern world, but specifically a modern world so torn up by connecting troves of people who still feel disconnected.

Meeting at the community based rehearsal space Music City in San Francisco, the trio immediately found a musical connection. Their upcoming EP which pays homage to the place that brought them together is out this Fall. With the help of their community, they are setting their sights on bringing their music and message to the world….and we’re eager to hear more