Make your merchandise personal for BIG return on investment

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This week’s call is packed with PURE GOLD. Yes… you can create a very personal experience for your fans with creative merchandise and packaging and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as you might think!
-Topics Covered
match the professionalism of the music with the package
“hand made”… what can you do?
should feel beautiful
eco friendly
what to do when you are only doing a small amount of business per release or event
print on demand is not always the best way to go
does not have to be expensive
including stickers, lyrics, additional CDs, links to PDFs, friendship cloth braclet
your own audio “behind the music” audio
podcast radio show “making of…” of your record
commentary CD
your last CD or EP
Use your imagination
Mainstream artists won’t do this… will set you apart
Huge value is in being someone approachable for free barcodes