Jefferson Angell Picks Up the Pieces after Tragedy and takes his Walking Papers on the Road

walking papersJefferson Angell – Vocals, Guitar
Barrett Martin – Drums, Vibes, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Duff McKagan – Bass
Benjamin Anderson – Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Put up or shut up. It’s a mantra many rock bands of today tend to give great lip service to, but often fail to deliver the goods to back up their lofty claims. The hard-rocking Seattle quartet Walking Papers knows exactly how to forge the sounds that back up everything they want to be as a vibrant creative entity. “There’s no excuse to not be great anymore,” believes WP frontman, guitarist/vocalist Jefferson Angell. “Everyone now has access to everything related to music, right at their fingertips — every recorded sound, endless lessons for kids to learn every guitar lick, and the very foundation of music and where it all comes from. In a weird way, I think that raises the bar for what artists need to do with their own work.”  Show Notes

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