Iron Maiden’s Number of The Beast; Album Retrospective

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 In 1982 Iron Maiden unleashed “Number of the Beast” on the world. It was their third studio album and the first to feature the now iconic vocals of former Samson singer, Bruce Dickinson. On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus we pay homage to the album that rained thunder now upon the music world and change heavy metal forever.  Also this week, Keith, Lily and Lou welcome guest podcaster Emmy Susani host of the “Chats with the Freak” podcast.   Featured Loudini Artists:  LoveBone (from the compilation, Skater Rock 1/2/3)   Madzilla LV    Neverwake   Lou Lombardi’s Strangelove

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Topics Discussed:

Album Bio

Little Known Facts:

1. Due to Bruce Dickinson’s contractual obligations to his previous band, Samson, he could not legally take part in the songwriting of the album. Instead, he made what he called “moral contributions” to the writing process.

2. The recording and mixing of Number Of The Beast took place in only 5 weeks. They had spent too much of their time writing new material for the album.

3. There are rumors that the recording process was cursed due to the occult nature of the album – equipment broke and lights turned on and off in the studio.

4. Producer Martin Birch was in a car accident with a mini-bus during the recording. The passengers in the mini-bus were a group of nuns and to make things even creepier, the bill for the repairs was £666.

5. “Total Eclipse” was the B-side to “Run To The Hills.” The band still regrets that decision to this day and wish they had used “Gangland” instead.

6. The title “Number Of The Beast” was inspired by a nightmare bassist Steve Harris had after watching the horror film Omen III: The Final Conflict.

7. The album was heavily opposed by the right wing and social conservatives upon release. People organized events where they would burn the album and smash it with hammers.

8. The tour behind the album was also met with protests. Leaflets were handed to people outside the venues and someone even brought a 25-foot cross to one show.

9. The album’s artwork was originally designed for the song “Purgatory” but was saved for a bigger release.  

10. Number Of The Beast was reissued in 1995 but incorrectly gave a songwriting credit to original vocalist Paul Di’Anno

Ranking tracks:

Invanders 7

Children of The Dammed 4

The Prisoner 6

22 Accia Ave 5

Number of the Beast 3

Run to the Hills 2

Gangland 8

Hallowed By Thy Name 1