I want to Email my Fans, but I have NO IDEA what to say!

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It can be hard to know what to email your fans. You don’t want each email to be some sales pitch. You want to keep them engaged and entertained but you also don’t want to push them away. On today’s call we give you some solid tactics for using email effectively while avoiding email pit falls

Topics Discussed:

Make sure necessary emails are in place i.e. your funnel

“Seinfeld” experience… story telling

“red ocean”… your niche… have already heard that message but it’s diluted

“blue ocean”… your message gets through

Create an emotional a supportive connection

watch what your ‘competition” is doing and notify it to make it more relevant to your fans

tell a story

communicate that feeling of your music

structure of an email… serialize

talk about the story of your music… the lyrics… the music… why you wrote etc… interesting facts etc…

Seasonal topics… x’mas etc…

Brownie locks marketing calendar  https://www.brownielocks.com

News in your niche… other bands musicians etc…

How often… depends on what you have to say

Remember the more people on your list the money you will spend