How to make money when everything is FREE Pt. 2

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Today we answer the question, “How can you possibly make any money in this business when no one wants to buy your music?”
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Topics Discussed:
-perceived value…what are people willing and able to pay?
-don’t be to be too cheap!
-deliver quality…don’t skimp!
-give extras…t-shirts, sweets, make it personal,
-“LET people pay”
-Make they feel part of something bigger than themselves
-LEAH… world building
-Playing live… sometimes the still the best way
-combine print on demand with personal items
-give them an experience at every level
-parallel with comic books
-be an “author”
-release small pieces of your product to get interest (loss leader)
-sell for small price
-have a larger “back end” product(s) services
-what you DON’T give away:
commissioned work
get SOMETHING out of it