How Presence and Persona Help Create Your Brand

This week we will be discuss the importance of your persona and presence and how that translates to your brand.

Topics Discussed:

Define Persona… who you present yourself to the world

Authentic vs Fake

Start with authenticity

Everything is fake to some degree

Cynically Fake… the bad side… doing anything to get something

Contractually Fake… like what actors do
create a “willing suspension of disbelief”
bring authenticity to your “fakery”
merge who you are with who you want to be and who your audience wants you to be
find a way to connect
does your persona grow out of your art?
KISS example… grounded in adolesence dreams
Know who you are and what you are saying (your message)
Dial yourself up
Visualize yourself as the character that you are portraying

Write a lot… see what it looks like… dial that up
play live as much as you can
pay attention to how things are received
look for real reviews
What’s your personal message?