Greg Connors, getting back on the chain gang

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With a deceptively simple sound of an old country or blues record, his sound is at once raw and vulnerable, but distilled through a caustic brilliant prism of sound. Connors freshly weaves a view of emotion and experience; lyrical branches wound densely in and out of darkness and diffused light. His own raw and vulnerable sound journey can do any listener a great service. And if you’ve ever feel the limb snap, it may just be his dry wit.

From his teen years, drifting the fringes of various NYU independent music festivals and on to places such as CBGB’s, Greg’s path led him to Atlanta, Georgia, creating deliberate vibrations at such local favorites as the 40 Watt Club, in Athens, and the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, and then back to NYC again, with various stops along the way

Greg is making music currently in metro NYC. He has awakened audiences for the likes of John Mayer, Joseph Arthur, Cat Power, Smoke, Songs; Ohia, Palace Brothers, Joan as Police Woman and Vic Chesnutt.

In 2006 Scared Records released Greg’s 5th Studio album,
“Here, There and Anymore”, Produced by friend and studio wizard, Joseph Arthur.

Recorded with Bass player and recording engineer, Scott Fragala, Connors’ 9th studio album, “Home Made Compass” will be available on March, 3rd 2018.

‘Greg Connors’ trademark simple guitar licks and detached alienated, lonely voice are coupled with a scary command of the English language. He is the Howard Finster of music, painting vivid abstract images with his words and guitar.”
Performer Magazine