Bad brakes and Broken Amps won’t stop indie rockers,Gestures and Sounds

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Gestures & Sounds is a one-stop shop for a great time. Their authentic
compositions are raw and evoke real feelings, mostly because they don’t know
how to be any other way. Live performances are a rollercoaster of up and higher.
After high school, best friends Erik, Brian and Jory left Wisconsin to pursue film
careers. Their cramped Los Angeles apartment spawned late-night muted jam
sessions that put them on a new course. With their sights set on starting a band,
they quickly scooped up Jeremy as their fourth best friend and drummer. And so
they began their love lives as Gestures & Sounds.

Warmth in sound and lyrics is a given with these guys. From cozy and swooning
to top-of-the-lungs raging. In tune with each other, the crowd, and anyone
wearing flannel at any given moment in the world, G&S are equal parts
melodically innovative and lyrically wrenching.