Exploring the meaning behind RUSH’s Tom Sawyer

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Let’s talk about lyrics! Every one loves to sing along with their rock and metal songs, but how often do we stop and really THINK about the words that we are singing along with? In this series we discuss meanings behind the classic rock & metal songs that we love to sing to our steering wheels. On our maiden voyage we dig into a classic rock and prog rock classic. “Tom Sawyer” is arguably Rush’s crowning moment. It’s unique song structure, chord progression, melody and interplay between drums, bass guitars and synthesizers is only matched by it’s cinematic and metaphoric lyrical content. But what the hell is it about?
Topics Include:
-Max Webster’s Pye Dubois “Louis the Warrior” or “Louie the Lawyer”
-Freedom and rebellion i.e. “Freewill”
-celebrating the individual i.e. Ayn Rand