Email is not dead… You’re just doing it wrong!

Create a funnel


How to get topics?
follow others in you niche
set up google alerts for topics in your niche

Rethinking Why We Send Email in the First Place

How to Get Your Emails in the “A” Pile

Create a coverstaion

Repeat who you are and what you do

Put the offer in the signature

write to people no to a list
“from” should be your name
be trust worthy
present your self as how they want to see you… be on their side
keep it short
if it’s long send them to an outside page or video where you can give them a bigger offer
consider doing “serial shorts” if the topic is long
create a unique voice
be careful with “templates”
don’t be spammy
use curiosity
use emojis

The Most Important Email Marketing Metric: Replies


Who should you be targeting with your emails?
How do you write emails that lead to conversations?
What should your emails look like? (plain text vs. HTML)
How do you write subject lines that cut through the noise?
When are the best days and times for emailing leads?
How do you build nurturing campaigns that aren’t annoying?
How do you manage email replies?

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