Bluesy Tuesday Episode 4 Slash Lives

It may seem like a miracle, but you know that guy from Guns ‘N Roses… Yeah.. .the one with the top hat and Les Paul slung down to his ankles? Well that sneaky so and so, found time to get together with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators and record and another record. And let me you kids, if the first single is any indication, this it going to be one bad ass record. It’s called Living the Dream and we are going to give you a taste on this week’s Bluesy Tuesday Episode 4.

We are also going to take a closer look at one of Slash’s classic riffs, Paradise City and explore it a little deeper. When it comes to blues based hard rock it was hard to pick which track to talk about from the Slash catalog. We settled on Paradise City because it’s main riffs and melodic structure are practically a lesson in great blues based riffs in the tradition of bands like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. So… it’s a double shot this week… a “two for Tuesday” if you will of the grand master himself… Slash!  Show Notes