Bat Out of Hell Album Retrospective

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In the history of rock music there are certain albums that are considered to be decade defining. This month’s album retrospective RE-View definitely meets that requirement. Meatloaf’s power house debut, “Bat out of Hell” grabbed a hold of the 1970’s and made that decade it’s bitch. So your gonna want to grab your bell bottoms, and feather your hair for this week’s The Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast as we pay homage to Bat Out of Hell  Featured Loudini Artists:   Jack the Joker    Last of the Misfit Heroes  

Nacarbide   Lou Lombardi’s Strangelove

Topics Discussed:



Songs & Ranking

7 For Cryin out loud

6 Heaven Can Wait

5 All Reved Up

4 Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

3 You took the words right out of my mouth

2 Paradise by the dashboard light

1 Bat out of Hell

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