10 Bands Who Completely Changed

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Not every band can be AC/DC… most bands evolve over time. Then there are those who become completely unrecognizable. This week we discuss 10 bands who sound completely different than they did when they started or during their hay day.

Featured Loudini Artists: Dirty Honey  Shun The Raven  Reign Of Z 

Lou Lombardi’s Strangelove

Topics Discussed:

Wilco (alt country)

Red Hot Chilli Peppers (funk)

Kings of Leon


Judas Priest

Linkin Park


The Scorpions (psychadelic-progressive)

Sepultura (thrash, death)

Korn (nu meta… then dub step)

Bee Gees (beatle-esque)

Michael Bolton (hard rock ala Ozzy & Krokus)

Fleetwood Mac (blues band

Iggy Pop (blues drummer)

Katy Perry (christian music)

Beastie Boys (punk rock)